Crosstown Local Cavalade Volume III: Subway Smackdown

February 3, 2008 by
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I am not big on dance music. Sure, I have a fair measure of the genre socked away in my I-tunes, but when Ultra. Dance rolls out their latest compilation of “hits” I cringe. Before you cry “hypocrite!” let me clarify the reason for my distaste: looking at skanktastic syphilitic sylphs while waiting for the G train is not my cup of tea. And each year Ultra Dance makes sure I do just this. For a very, VERY, long time. 2008 has proven to be no exception.

In the spirit that is Superbowl Sunday I thought it would be fun to showcase two takes on the same subway poster: Ultra. Dance 09. Today’s subway smackdown features the usual suspects/adversaries: Williamsburg versus Greenpoint.

First up: Metropolitan Avenue

Metropolitan Avenue Ultra Dance 09

Not bad, though I personally would have explored her possible eating disorder, bad dye job and contact lenses.

Second up: Greenpoint Avenue


Is she supposed to be Popeye or Paris Hilton? I don’t know, but either way, this is a definite improvement. Why else would she have a phat wad of bennies tucked in her skivvies?

Bikini, Jesus and Weenie

Greenpoint wins by a nose!

Told Ya

Or would that be a head?

Miss Heather


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