City of Lost Clothes (or Greenpoint’s Merry Piper)

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A couple weeks ago Mr. Heather and I were waiting — and waiting— for the G train at Bedford Nostrand. The reason for this inconvenience was the mighty Crosstown local elected to run in two sections. Luckily, we struck up a conversation with the Conductor during our wait. He was a very funny guy, and as you can imagine, he had a number of of very interesting stories to tell. This one is my personal favorite

So our Conductor is charged with driving the E train to the World Trade Center. As he heads to his booth, he notices a rather intoxicated gentleman nodding off. He advises this besotted gentleman against falling asleep because someone might try to pick his pocket. His caveat having been said, he commenced with his work. When the train finally reached its destination the Conductor checked in on this chap again. Someone had stolen all of his clothing save an undershirt and boxer shorts. They also took the liberty of removing his hat, placing it on the floor and spitting in it.

I mention this above story because it sort of reminds me of this tale from the September 21, 1898 edition of the Brooklyn Daily Eagle. Except instead of pants and shirts a set bag pipes and a kilt were among the numerous items purloined. Enjoy!

September 21 1898 BDE

This story makes one wonder why someone would want to steal— much less wear— a full Highland get-up. But then again this is Greenpoint and if a man wants to wear full the garb of a Scotsman its no one’s business but his own. Unless, of course, he happens to steal it. In which case the local constabulary will get involved.

Miss Heather

P.S.: Speaking of lost clothing, be sure to check out this post on Bed-Stuy Banana. It’s hilarious.


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