95 Clay Street Revisited

March 13, 2008 by
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As I was crossing the Pulaski Bridge yesterday I found myself wondering if I could see the building the owners of 95 Clay Street managed to erect without a nary a permit or notice from the Department of Buildings. When I reached the incline at Box Street I stopped and turned around.

95 Clay Street

Sure enough, there it was. In fact I made a rather amusing discovery as I gazed upon at this masterpiece of illegal construction.

95 Clay Street and 48 Box Street

It is located only a Stop Work Order’s throw’s away from one of the Department of Buildings outstanding achievements in Greenpoint: 48 Box Street. As my compatriot over at the Gowanus Lounge put it so eloquently, this building is the product of immaculate construction. Despite numerous Stop Work Orders it just keeps getting taller and taller. I’ve noticed this. My colleague over at the Brooklyn Optimist has noticed this. People who cross the Pulaski Bridge have noticed this. But strangely enough, the Department of Buildings has not. And now there another building right beside it that was completed without a permit and whose only means of egress is through the basement of the building in front of it. Go figure.

Wishing to discuss this matter with a professional, I shared my findings with Hard Hat Hannah.

Illegal Building

I pointed out the new building in 95 Clay Street’s backyard and then I made light of its illustrious neighbor.

Hannah and 48 Box Street

She was less than pleased.

Miss Heather


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  1. Gary Floyd on Fri, 16th May 2008 6:34 pm
  2. So I reponded to an ad off CL for 95 Clay Street, listing 3 bedrooms for $1750 (should’ve know something was up right there) without knowing about the naughty history. This was two weeks ago, and me and my roommates spent the last two weeks trying to give the owner a check and all our application forms, thinking what a great deal it we were about to get. Then Friday, we finally found out the truth: the building is illegal, the ownership is unknown, there is no management company and the owner is a psycho. Inside, the apartments are nice and new, but after the broker found out about the shady dealings, he said he should definitely withdraw our application. So be warned: nothing in Greenpoint will ever cost below $2000 for a three bed, unless it’s a tainted dumpster.

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