Happy St. Paddy’s Day From Karl Fischer!

March 17, 2008 by
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130 Diamond Street 1

The fence is down at 130 Diamond Street. A new Karl Fischer is born!

130 Diamond Street 2

When I showed my colleague over at the Gowanus Lounge this building several months ago, he doubted that this building would retain its sickly hue.

Aren’t they going to make it match the brick work?

He asked. HOGWASH! I cried. This is Karl Fischer we are talking about! I am certain when Master Fischer sat at his desk and started knocking around ideas for this magnum opus he thought to himself:

Let’s see, this building is slated to be in a neighborhood called Greenpoint. What can I do to make it “fit in” with the “feel” of the neighborhood. Hmm… I could reduce the scale so it would jibes contextually with the rest of the block. NAH. Wait a minute… I know, I’LL MAKE IT GREEN! But what shade of green… hold on it’s coming to me…

Karl vs. Newtown Creek


This may very well be the most ingenious marketing ploy yet: luxury condominiums rendered in the hue of the local environmental disaster. Brilliant. Simply brilliant.


In fact, it looks like they actually used the creek to paint this building. They made a little boo boo here. Whoops.


Speaking of boo boos, I hope the mailman has excellent vision as the address is rather difficult to read.


But who am I the poo poo this building’s boo boos? As you can see it was built with an eye for accuracy.

On the behalf of Greenpoint I want to give a props to Karl Fischer for giving us a new architectural masterpiece to marvel at on this, St. Paddy’s Day. Unlike the hangovers many will be experiencing tomorrow, this building will be a gift that keeps on giving.

Sort of like syphilis.

Now if you don’t mind, I’m off to secure some penicillin.

Miss Heather

P.S.: With craftsmanship like this who needs to be acurate?


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