Orient Avenue: Knocking On Scarano’s Back Door

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As I mentioned in this post, I played “tour guide” last weekend. Any tour guide worth his/her salt knows where to take a bathroom break: Cooper Park. Second only to the privy at Fermi Playground in Bushwick. The latter is the only bathroom I have patronized that had soap, paper towels and toilet paper in abundance. At the same time. But that is the stuff of another post.

After relieving our respective selves I took my friends to Orient Avenue. We checked out the Munster House at 59, but found its neighbor to the west much more intriguing.

11 Orient Avenue

This is 11 Orient Avenue.

Rat trap

This is 11 Orient Avenue on crack. Any questions?


Apparently the Department of Buildings would like to ask a question.

Thursday’s Child has far to go

Or two. They have issued summons but have yet to get access to the property.

Per the Department of Buildings complaint #625608:

DOB BIS, 11 Orient Avenue

When we walked by this building on Sunday, March 23, 2008 it was eviscerated. It sported cinder blocks for a front door, rat traps laid with total abandon and garbage dumped atop the few purple tulips which grace its soon to be deceased front yard.

11 Orient Sneaks

Perhaps the no shoes in our house policy deterred the D.O.B. gaining entrance? Or to be Zen; if a New York City Building Inspector knocks on a pile cinder blocks does it make it sound? Not to his supervisors. So he sticks a notice on the fence instead. Twice.

Miss Heather

P.S.: It should hardly be surprising that this site is going to be razed for yet another Scarano masterpiece. Five stories, no less.


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  1. rowan on Fri, 28th Mar 2008 10:58 am
  2. bureaucratic irony at its best. where two plus two equals five. still snickering about this one.

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