Smells Like Greenpoint Spirit!

April 5, 2008 by
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Any Greenpointer new or old will recognize this building. It is the Greenpoint Savings Bank. Or more accurately, it was the Greenpoint Savings Bank. A few years ago it was bought out by North Fork. Most recently it became Capital One. Which brings me to a fantastic comment I received from a reader who has the pleasure of banking at this newly christened establishment. Rebecca11222 writes:

You know the economy is bad when the big banks are buying up the smaller ones. Greenpoint Bank became North Fork in 2005. North Fork is now owned by Capital One. You’d think that would mean they’d hire more tellers and improve service, but you’d be wrong.

I was in line last month when some elderly ladies came close to rioting because the bank was “all out of $100 bills.” One hip granny said:

Whadaya mean you’re out of money? You’re a bank, you ain’t the damn grocery store.

The guards were getting nervous. The situation was resolved when the eight to ten of us in line (2 tellers working) came to the woman’s aid and traded large bills for her small ones.

Nope, you can’t take Greenpoint. Or would that be Greenpoint grannies wont take you(r shit)?

Miss Heather


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