Vollies Wanted: Bed Bug Workshop

Here’s a taste of New York Shitty’s Kafkaesque bureaucracy for you: HPD agrees to raise awareness about bed bugs in Greenpoint March 6, 2008. The Greenpoint Reformed Church is the venue, the date is set: May 6, 2008. The city provides the above dorky (and copy-edited by yours truly because it had typos) flier. In English.

Problem: Not everyone in Greenpoint speaks English.

We have Spanish fliers, we have English fliers. What we don’t have are Polish fliers. Apparently the city needs 60 days to turn around that kind of thing. Do the math. This puts my buddy Ann (at the Greenpoint Reformed Church) in a position. The purpose of this post is two-fold:

  1. We need people to distribute fliers in Williamsburg, Greenpoint and Long Island City.
  2. We need someone to transcribe (READ: do data entry) this flier into Polish. The city (in its intransigence) won’t do it, so we will!

Anyone who is interested in helping out can contact the head honcha for this project— the inimitable Ann Kansfield— at:

ann (at) greenpointchurch (dot) org

Miss Heather


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