Studio B: The Drama Continues

April 28, 2008 by
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Yes, it would appear that Studio B has been hit with a Stop Work Order.

April 21, 2008 to be precise.

For doing work they had no permission to do. That’s pretty much the par for the course here in Greenpoint. Do as thou whilst. What bothers me more than anything is this establishment was cited by the Department of Buildings for packing 650+ people in a space deemed safe for 461.

This gig (from January of this year) looks pretty packed. This photo comes courtesy of Studio B’s myspace page. I highly recommend checking this out— especially if you want to see a lot of posturing, guy liner and glassy eyes. Studio B has ’em all! 461+!

When Studio B gets that rooftop terrace done (permits be damned and they are well on their way, palm trees and all), there’ll be even more…

  1. People
  2. Noise
  3. Litter
  4. Fighting

And lest we forget: overcrowding.

If Studio B is permitted to allow, say 200 more people, how many patrons will actually occupy said premises? 700? 800? More?

Let’s face facts: their track record is pretty spotty. At best. They’re out to make a buck. More people = more money.

If the new (interim) Czar of the Department of Buildings* wants to make an example of someone in the Garden Spot I cannot think of a better establishment than Studio B.

Especially since their web site intimates they anticipate more capacity soon.

Intransigence, arrogance, chutzpah, hubris and/or graft, take your pick.

Miss Heather

*Or the F.D.N.Y.


2 Comments on Studio B: The Drama Continues

  1. SouthOfNYC on Mon, 28th Apr 2008 9:46 am
  2. This has all the earmarks of pending disaster – you know the kind, a fire breaks out, folks trampled trying to find the exit – a dozen or more people dead. Followed by the all-too-typical knee jerk reactionism (and denial by lies) by the “powers that be” when they are caught red-headed failing to do their jobs. It’s just a matter to time now –

  3. calyercooze on Mon, 28th Apr 2008 5:27 pm
  4. Of course, construction has been going on non-stop since the Stop Work Order was issued, including Saturday and Sunday. Their certificate of occupancy has not been amended to account for the expected increase in patrons, for as the Village Voice article read last week from the Studio B spokesperson: “Some permitting is still in process, but this is very common with the opening of any type of venue or restaurant in New York City,” he says. The official party line: “Everything should be good to go for May 2.”

    Happy Land Social Club anyone??

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