Spreadin’ The Love: Greenpoint Style

May 15, 2008 by
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I happened upon this missive (which is scrawled on the side of a warehouse in Williamsburg) while walking home from what was, in my humble opinion, THE BEST FRANK SINATRA BLOCK PARTY KNOWN TO MANKIND. Spreading the love.

While not as “touchy feely” as our friends to the south, Greenpoint does indeed sport its own special brand of “love”. And like so much sewage discharged into Newtown Creek on a rainy day, Greenpoint’s cup of love for our fellow man overflowth. Usually with a little assistance from paint pen or can of spray paint.

Who do we Greenpointers love, you ask? Damned near everyone. With a few notable exceptions of course.

Huron Street

We don’t love the police, for starters.

Newel Street

That goes double if they happen to hail from Queens. We really don’t like them.

Diamond Street

“Polocks”? Don’t like ’em.

Russell Street

“John” isn’t too popular either.

Manhattan Avenue

If you happen to be Hispanic, wealthy and gay, Greenpoint is not the place to be. Wait, scratch that. We like them. Sorry about that— it’s getting hard to keep track of all this Greenpoint “love” I am experiencing.

McGuinness Boulevard

It’s nothing personal, mind you.

Some people are just assholes.

In all seriousness folks, life is hard enough as is. Taking the time to write racist, sexist and homophobic remarks— even seemingly funny ones— on public property does not help matters. If I had one thing to say to these people it would be this:

Why not try being nice to people for a change?

Not only does this cost not so much as a dime, but everyone benefits.

Even assholes.

Miss Heather


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