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May 19, 2008 by
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I am always amused by the items I find affixed to fences. Last weekend I found these toys awaiting new owners in Park Slope. Very cute, if you ask me. Which brings me to what I found affixed to a fence here in Greenpoint this morning.

My morning routine is as follows: get up, grab a cup of coffee, wander into the living room and stare out the window. This has been my “routine” for years— and although luxury condoville has pretty much obscured any semblance of a “view” my apartment once had— I continue to do it. Perhaps this is an act of masochism on my part, who knows?

In any case, my morning cup of joe was accompanied by a particularly festive vista today.

Looks like 143 Huron and 110 Green Street will sport scenic views of more than just Manhattan. I have no idea what this thing is. All I know is it appears to be some form of mammal and it hasn’t moved for the last hour. (Is it a dead gopher perhaps?)

Miss Heather


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