Waste Treatment Park Gets Some New Scenery

May 19, 2008 by
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For all of its faults, one thing can be said about the park gracing the premises of our local waste treatment plant: it has a great view. This weekend I learned from a tipster that it received some new scenery, albeit of a less savory nature:

There’s a sunken barge across from the water steps of the Nature Walk. The barge was there for a while with wires and stuff on it. There’s also a string of barges further up. We contacted the Coast Guard and have to call back on Monday. It seems like someone’s using the Creek to store vessels that are being rehabbed. Or worse, dumped. I attached photos, but they don’t do the scene justice.

Who wouldn’t want to have a picnic while gazing upon three rusted out old barges?

It would appear that automobiles are not the only thing finding their way into the depths of Newtown Creek nowadays. Anyone care to guess who the commander of this U-boat is?

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  1. thenextstopwillbe on Tue, 20th May 2008 4:14 pm
  2. i visited the nature walk a week ago and found it to be one of the oddest frickin’ things i’ve witnessed since moving here almost eight years ago. why anyone would spend what must have been a large sum of money on that park in that location is absolutely beyond me. wtf? you get better views of newtown creek AND manhattan from the pulaski bridge walk/bike path and it was already there!

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