The India Street Trailer Mystery: SOLVED!

May 25, 2008 by
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Anyone who has bothered to knock around north Greenpoint east of McGuinness Boulevard has surely encountered this trailer on India Street. I know I have. I even wrote a blog post about it. In the previous tome I christened this humble domicile the Pla-Mor (with my nuts) Palace.

Although I had heard through the grapevine that someone does indeed live in this humble domicile I had my doubts. That is until yesterday when I finally met the man behind inside the trailer.

I did not catch this chap’s name. It was a busy day at the junk shop and I only joined in the conversation when he voiced his desire for a Polaroid camera. My colleagues said we didn’t have one. As you can see, I knew better as he is proudly sporting one on his lap in the above photograph. After doling out my share of “customer service” I went back to work. I was quickly jolted out of my pricing and sorting bliss when I overheard the following tidbit of conversation.

Mystery Man: I live in a trailer.
Larry Da Junkman: In Greenpoint?
M.M.: Yeah, over on India Street.
Miss Heather: I KNOW WHERE THAT IS!!!
M.M.: Really?
Miss H: Yeah, I even wrote a post on my blog about it. (excitedly pulls up post on New York Shitty via the “company computer”*) Here it is!
M.M.: (surprised) Yeah, it looked a lot better back then.
Larry: Aren’t you afraid someone will try to break in?
M.M.: No, I keep the place locked up pretty well. What’s more I suspect most people wouldn’t want to enter in fear of who they might find in there.

You know, the man may live in a trailer— something that is inconceivable to most of us— but he brings up a very salient point. I wouldn’t venture in there. Would you?

I know little else about the resident of the Pla-Mor Palace other than he is going to be involved in some kind of reality television show and is an artist. He recounted several years ago that he was an audience member at a live taping of Martha Stewart Show. Knowing that she “liked things made with a hot glue gun” he made a “bearded clam” (as he called it) and gave it to her. On live television.**

The camera man really freaked out. He immediately pointed the camera to the ground.

He said.

Every neighborhood has a story to tell, one need only pay attention. Greenpoint is no exception. The only difference is the tales to be found in the Garden Spot of the Universe are— how should I say— a little more colorful than those to be found among its better-heeled neighbors.

And that dear readers is why I live here!

Miss Heather

*Whose purpose is primarily checking private email and the playing music off of I-tunes, Slacker or YouTube.

**The man deserves an award for doing this. Seriously.


4 Comments on The India Street Trailer Mystery: SOLVED!

  1. rowan on Sun, 25th May 2008 12:36 pm
  2. re bearded clam: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  3. ntodd on Sun, 25th May 2008 2:08 pm
  4. Miss Heather,

    You were speaking to none other than Ben Sergent former co-owner / founder of the surf bar in Williamsburg, and now known as The Brooklyn Chowder Surfer.

  5. margotanyweather on Sun, 25th May 2008 8:04 pm
  6. There’s actually a man who lives in an RV on Van Dam Street, too…

  7. missheather on Tue, 27th May 2008 12:06 pm
  8. Van Dam in Greenpoint or LIC? I have to check this out!

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