The Glue Wars, Part II

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(In order to understand this post, I strongly recommend you read Part I — Miss Heather)

What was then called “The Glue Wars” raged well into 1895. During the four preceding years police raids were conducted, carters hauling offal into Brooklyn were arrested and much legal maneuvering was done by both sides. But as with all things— both good and bad— it came to an end. Perhaps the Coopers tired of the constant litigation and controversy? Only they would know and they’re not exactly in a position to talk. What is known for certain is they sold the glue factory to the City of Brooklyn for the princely sum of $55,000. Follows is The City of New York’s* description of what happened next:

Within a year the site… was outfitted with a playground and landscaping. By 1905 the limestone and brick shelter pavilion had been erected. In the late 1930s construction carried out by the Works Progress Administration transformed Cooper Park into a modern recreational facility. New features included a roller-skating track, sitting area, horseshoe and shuffleboard courts, wading pool, play areas for children and tots, and two softball diamonds with bleachers…

And that, dear readers, is how Cooper Park was born!

Let this be a lesson to all of you out there who think the interests of the people cannot prevail over deeply entrenched business interests and governmental apathy. It can be done. One only needs a lot of tenacity and patience.

Miss Heather

*Which curiously fails to make mention of all the litigation leading up to the sale of this parcel of land.


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