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Today I thought I would kick off the morning with a little motivational material for all you commuters out there. The following posters can be found next to each other on the Smith & 9th Street bound platform, why not take a moment over your morning coffee and check them out?

I can’t really argue with this one. The only refinement I would add is tribal tattoos. Ever noticed how many people are walking around with Celtic-looking imagery permanently inscribed on their bodies who are not by any stretch of the imagination of Celtic derivation? This drives me crazy. Why don’t they just paint their bodies blue and call female police officers “sugar tits” instead? At least that would be entertaining.

Now this is more like it! With perquisites like this it almost makes working in a right to work state tolerable. Almost.

Closing on a transit-related note, those of you who happened to enter or exit the L train at Lorimer Street yesterday between 4:30 and 6:30 p.m. might have noticed that the “L Line Team” was conducting a “Meet and Greet” event. I was unaware of this, so being greeted by a very friendly-looking group of public servants and seeing a man standing behind a podium (who I was told was Greg Lombardi, the General Manager for the L) took me by surprise. Naturally it didn’t take me long to get my bearings and have a little fun.

MTA Lady: Hi, we’re the members of the L Line team. Want a brochure?
Me: Sure.
MTA Lady: If you have anything concerns you wish to bring up Mr. Lombardi, the General Manager of the L line, he is right over there behind that podium.
Me: That’s not necessary, thanks. L train runs okay enough. Of course I live off the G. You guys should be happy you aren’t the line team over there. If they have a “meet and greet” session I assure you we will have a lot of things to say to them.

One L Line Team member thought this was hilarious.

Think about it for a minute. Would you want to be one of the people charged with getting an earful (and then some) from a bunch of angry Crosstown Local patrons? In the lexicon of crappy jobs I imagine this would rank alongside being a collections agent, Amway salesman or telemarketer.

So quit your complaining, we’re all gonna get laid!

Miss Heather


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