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July 5, 2008 by
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As I mentioned earlier today the festivities in north Brooklyn last night were a little more exuberant than usual. I suppose I should not have been surprised by this. While walking down Driggs Avenue earlier this week I found a remnant of someone’s 4th of July shopping list.

You know a serious party is in the works when olives “with red things inside” are employed. But the procurement of the proper culinary items is but only one aspect of celebrating with style in Greenpoint. When preparing for a party one should also tend to one’s personal appearance.

In regards to the previous I am very pleased to report Greenpoint met the challenge! Bitchcake’s fabulous other half —who I will call Mr. Bitchcakes— informed me today of two gentlemen he saw sitting on the steps of St. Anthony’s. Their visit to this ecclesiastic institution was not to attain spiritual enlightenment. Rather, they needed a place to sit so one could “lovingly” shave the back of his companion. Ah Greenpoint, I am certain wherever Amy Vanderbilt is (god rest her soul) she is smiling upon us with silent approval!

This year— just like the one that preceded it— the hooligans were up quite late setting off fireworks and making an all-around ruckus. And today the Mister and I went out for a walk to witness the aftermath.

If anyone out there is missing an aqua blue pump, you can find it at the intersection of Lorimer Street and Nassau Avenue.

The sidewalks in Williamsburg were eerily quiet, making it the perfect time to pick up your dry cleaning on Bedford Avenue…

or shop for some pre-owned construction equipment on South 1st Street.

Running errands sure can make a man hungry. Why not follow this chap’s example and deck out your parrot in his most patriotic diaper and grab a bite to eat on Manhattan Avenue?

Why did you do today?

Miss Heather


2 Comments on Post 4th Of July Wrap Up

  1. bitchcakes on Mon, 7th Jul 2008 12:44 pm
  2. Haha, even after discussing the contents of this post with you yesterday, I still laughed out loud reading and seeing the accompanying visuals. Is it possible “dry cleaning headband man” was not only keeping his arms free for useful things like smoking or warding off potential attackers; but was simultaneously using the dry cleaning bag as an “umbrella hat” of sorts to shield his head from the potential thunderstorms?

    And for the record Mr Bitchcakes *wishes* he saw the shaving on the church steps- that image was enjoyed by yours truly. And I’m still kicking myself for not stealthily taking a photo of it!

    Parrot panties. Wow.

  3. rowan on Mon, 7th Jul 2008 6:12 pm
  4. perhaps the owner of that blue pump made haste to Lokal, home of the cheapie brunch cocktails

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