Parking a la 94th Precinct: Guernsey Street

July 10, 2008 by
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Inasmuch as I criticize the local police precinct, I understand that being charged with protecting the public is a tough job: the hours are grueling, the pay is low, and so forth.

However, as the guardians of law and order our boys in blue should themselves obey the laws they are hired to enforce.

As a citizen I find it more than a little disquieting to find motor vehicles belonging to New York’s Finest parked in such a manner.

It not only shows a disregard for public safety, but also a lack of respect for the community they profess to serve.

Miss Heather


3 Comments on Parking a la 94th Precinct: Guernsey Street

  1. bitchcakes on Thu, 10th Jul 2008 12:52 pm
  2. You know, I never understood this since I’ve lived in Greenpoint- I walk past the 94th precinct every day. And EVERY DAY there are numerous cars belonging to officers that are parked half on the sidewalk. Why?! Meserole is a pretty wide street. Not to mention, as you stated, if a mere citizen parked in this manner, I am sure they would be fined.

  3. amandabee on Thu, 10th Jul 2008 1:55 pm
  4. You are perhaps not familiar with ?

    I highly recommend submitting your photos.

  5. SouthOfNYC on Fri, 11th Jul 2008 11:50 am
  6. Looks like another “Finger” award needs to be made.

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