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Yeah it’s only Wednesday, but this is a good one!

Seanisthegood writes (in regards to this post):

Wow. Let me first say I attended the public hearing with the intent of speaking against Studio B. I live around the corner at 112 Calyer Street. I am sometimes annoyed by bottles left on the street the day after a big show or party. That’s about it. After hearing the testimony of the six people that spoke I realized Studio B needs some defense. First, I live behind the building. My kitchen window overlooks the back of the building. I could watch them build the roof. My bedroom affords me a partial view of the back. Yes, I can hear a slight base thump, but this “chatter” and roof music have never, ever been loud enough to cause any sleep issues for me. I find backyard get together of people that live on Clifford Place and Calyer street to be louder than the club. Second, the club does NOT operate every night. Usually there are about three shows a week. A majority of nights the clubs doors are closed. This is far from a constant nuisance. Is it not acceptable for a night club to stay open until four on a Friday or Saturday? Third, Studio B is not just a drug haven, it is a world renown establishment that brings in acts from all over the world. Recently the New York Times wrote a on Hercules and the Love Affair’s debut show at Studio B.

Why is this comment so interesting (other than being a backhanded puff piece for Studio B)? Very simple: five people spoke against Studio B, not six. I filmed every single one of them. The previous commenter either attended this meeting and got confused or he looked at this blog and pretended he did.

Maybe “Sean” can tell us how Agnes “I live next door” Piekarska* likes the bidet in her illegal apartment office?

Or how much it rents for because it sounds and looks pretty phat! The above screencap was taken on June 12, 2008.

This one was taken July 16, 2008. Note how the hearing has been pushed back to September 15, 2008.

Miss Heather

*This is disputed. See Comments.


5 Comments on Comment of the Week

  1. jake_tuff on Thu, 17th Jul 2008 9:39 am
  2. “Third, Studio B is not just a drug haven, it is a world renown establishment that brings in acts from all over the world.”

    Same could be said about my bedroom O_O

    Really though, either they mis-typed or they admitted the place is a drug haven.

  3. missheather on Thu, 17th Jul 2008 9:42 am

  5. calyercooze on Thu, 17th Jul 2008 12:49 pm
  6. I TOTALLY set up that guy by saying six people spoke instead of five. It was my plot all along. (Either that, or my counting skills just suck!) You are correct, Heather, it was five. duh.


  7. calyercooze on Thu, 17th Jul 2008 12:52 pm
  8. oh, one more comment: I believe that woman’s name at the meeting was Alexandra Drodd, not Agnes. At least, she was introduced as the owner by Ken Fisher, and the website gives the owner’s name as Alexandra Drodd.

  9. missheather on Thu, 17th Jul 2008 3:16 pm
  10. To be fair I was a bit harsh— too harsh— on this guy. I simply cannot wrap my head around what these people are doing and the fact nothing has been done about it.

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