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This weekend I learned that Agnes Piekarska, the much-maligned “Manager” of Studio B, has discovered New York Shitty! How do I know this, you ask? She has taken to commenting on my blog!

On July 19, 2008 she wrote in regards to this post:

I’m sorry you feel that way . I wish someone will contact me about that. Thanks. Agnes

Not only does this comment make absolutely no sense, I chafed at Ms. Piekaraska’s repeated insistence that she was completely unaware of people having issues with her establishment. So I replied:

People have contacted your business about this stuff. REPEATEDLY. Quit acting like this is all news to you. It isn’t.

Today, July 20th, I awoke to find this missive awaiting my approval. Lucky me.

You got this totaly wrong. I’m Just a manager and not the owner I live in the area and I”m trying to help out . This is the first time I got to your webside and I’m glad . You have to get some of the facts right and I will gladly explain to you who is who or what is going on. Thank you for your time. Agnes

To wit, I replied:

Feel free to write any epistle you want, Agnes. That’s what the comments section on this blog are for.

I have yet to get a reply from Ms. Piekaraska, but Neighborhood Threat had a few things to say:

Here are some facts that are right:
1) Until any of us started complaining to the press, you as the manager of the club did nothing to mitigate the problems in the neighborhood.
2) when the club is open, there is an increase in trash. you sweep in front of your club and that’s it. there are club fliers all over the block, in the street, across the street. you don’t put out trash cans in front of your club, and there’s one city trashcan on the corner of calyer, which is filled to overflowing on the weekends… from YOUR CLUB, because there’s nothing else going on over here.
3) you allow patrons of the club to re-enter at will. i understand they can’t smoke inside, but most clubs have a ’smoking pen’ in front of the club where smokers can congregate. They don’t allow people to sprawl up and down the block because it IMPACTS THE NEIGHBORHOOD. when you let people go in and out of the club at will all they do is sprawl down the block and onto our stoops.
4) you can clearly see from the front door if people are hanging out up the block. have security move them along. have someone stand on the corner of calyer and meserole and direct them out of the neighborhood. when they see someone peeing against the wall across the street, someone should walk over there and tell them to stop. (do you not have enough bathrooms or something? i’ve never seen so many people peeing in public.)

What about what happened on the 4th of july? you lit off fireworks in the street. there were hundreds of people in the street and you didn’t disperse the crowd when you were done.

You don’t help and you don’t care EXCEPT for the fact that your club won;t make as much money. You don’t care what it does to the neighborhood. Right now you’re trying to handle the problem by not having events at the club.

btw, i notice that you finished the retractable roof. i thought the point of having it was that you would close it and minimize noise and stop the people from smoking out on the street. at least that’s the line of BS you’ve been feeding us.

the club doesn’t hvae a c of o for the second floor but yet there are people on the second floor constantly. there’s also an illegal apartment and there’s no residential zoning in that building.

we’re going to make sure that there’s a representative from every residential building in the neighborhood that your mr. fisher says “isn’t residential” at the hearing on the 31st. so you can have people blog here for you and post comments that are clearly written by a publicist as much as you want. you’ll keep doing what you want but boy will we do everything we can to hold you accountable.

It certainly looks like the upcoming Public Safety Committee Meeting at Community Board 1 will be quite lively. Not only are the angry neighbors organizing but as Mr. Heather and I discovered last night, the “owner” (“Manager” or whatever) of Studio B was having a tete a tete on the rooftop terrace with someone bearing more than a passing resemblance to Ken Fisher!

The above photograph was taken at 8:00 p.m.

Miss Heather

UPDATE 7/2108: Agnes has replied!


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