What’s Going On At 155 Freeman Street?

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I have a confession to make: I have sort of a sweet spot for this building. Maybe it is the asymmetrical storefront or all the pierogi trucks parked next door. I honestly don’t know.

Bearing the previous in mind, you can imagine my interest when I discovered this poster adhered the security gate on the first floor. Well, I finally got around to doing a little research (thanks Google). Here’s the scoop, it comes from a web site called ARTCAL:

It’s About Time, Man!

John Delk, Patrick Doyle, Sean Glover, Carolyn Funk, Lara Kohl, Matthew Lusk, Melissa Barrett Lundquist, William McMillin, Leigh Ann Pahapill, Tim Saltarelli, Dave Shull, and Nikita Vishnevskiy

Using a derelict industrial building in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, an international group of artists reconstitute the Olafur Eliasson survey on their own terms.

‘It’s About Time, Man,’ responds to the unquestioned acclaim for Eliasson’s faux-natural creations, and inaugurates the future home for Repetti. 12 artists will each address a different Eliasson work, using the squalid state of this former carriage house as inspiration. The building will undergo major renovation in the fall, and become the new home for Repetti in late ’09 (!!! —Ed. Note).

Organized by William McMillin and Sam Farnsworth, this group of established and emerging artists has strong ties to the Greenpoint area, though also included are several foreign-based artists.

Now this has got to be some of the best news I have heard in a long time! I can only hope the folks renovating 155 Freeman will leave some of its architectural “quirks” intact. Those of you who are interested to see this show (I know I am) be advised it runs until August 24, 2008. For a sneak peak of what awaits your viewing pleasure, click here and you will directed to a rather comprehensive set of photos on Flickr taken by supremenything.

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