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March 22, 2007 by
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Today my next door neighbors presented me with a new, challenging piece of refuse.


It took me awhile to figure out what this assemblage is, but I did:

  1. One used paper towel roll.
  2. One sticky mouse trap with…
  3. a dead mouse!

While deciphering the components of this contraption was difficult (until I noticed its strong resemblance to the ‘tools’ monkies make to fish dirt mounds for delicious termites), figuring out why it came about was not; someone was too grossed out to actually pick up the trap using his/her hand, so a TOOL was improvised. A ghetto-ass tool.

It was very thoughtful of my neighbors to share this tasty morsel with me. Periodic visits to my kitchen would simply not be complete without a scenic view of deceased vermin. Thanks a lot guys assholes!

As always this repulsive, but strangely ingenius, item has been added to my “Backdoor Crapstavaganza“.

Miss Heather

UPDATE 3/25/07: The dead mouse has since disappeared. I think the pigeons ate it. I have seen them devour rancid hot dog weenies, so a dead rodent soaking in water is probably right up their alley. The raw hide bone is still there, though.


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