A(nother) Shooting At Club Exit?

September 27, 2008 by
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Na Greenpoincie writes at 4:54 a.m.:

As the Greenpoint blog of record (!), I don’t know whether you’d be interested to hear that there were at least three shooting incidents outside Club Exit (149 Greenpoint Ave) last night.

The first happened at about 2.55am on Greenpoint Ave, right outside the club. There were several gunshots. No-one was hurt but a bullet went through one patron’s Chevy’s roof, and another bullet shattered the glass door of the Pay-O-Matic check cashing place. Photos of the damage attached for delight and delectation…

At about 3.45am, there were two more shootings, one after the other. The first (4-5 shots?) sounded like it happened close to Greenpoint/Manhattan Aves, and the second came two minutes after that, and sounded like it happened down towards Greenpoint/McGuinness.

It’s not just the shootings, it’s the constant yelling and screaming from 11am to 4pm, the garbage on the street afterwards, and the honking of cars when patrons spill out and block the road. Friday nights are usually raver nights, which is kids with glowsticks and shit – those guys are noisy but they’re usually OK, and they disappear pretty quickly. Saturday nights are “Guido” night, and that’s worse – a bunch of 35 year olds from New Jersey in shiny shirts drunk and screaming at each other. Tonight (and every other night when the shootings have been) was hiphop night, though – not so much the drinking but the yelling, music from cars, and the shootings…In addition to the three incidents tonight, there have been at least two others in the last six months.

People around here are getting sick of the problems from Club Exit – Greenpoint is usually a pretty safe and quiet hood. Last time this happened there were signs up (by different people!) on lampposts the next day. Club Exit needs to stat behaving more responsibly – more people on the door, searches, video cameras outside. A more visible police presence at closing time to keep the street clear would help a little too.

Not knowing how amenable the owners/management are to “community suggestions”…right now I would prefer not to use my name/usual netname. :)…

As some of you might recall a woman was accidentally shot in the leg in front of this establishment earlier this year.

Miss Heather

P.S.: Be sure to read the comments for more interesting information about what went down this morning.

Photo Credit: Na Greenpoincie; it is the front door of 168 Greenpoint Avenue which is located across the street from Club Exit.


6 Comments on A(nother) Shooting At Club Exit?

  1. superclam on Sat, 27th Sep 2008 9:13 pm
  2. Oh yeah, this is 100% true. I live on Greenpoint Ave between Leonard & Eckford. I was awakened by the first shots, followed by the yelling & people running down Greenpoint Ave, in front of my house. Then the second round of shots about half an hour later. I called 911 after that.
    The cops pulled two guys out of a car in front of my house by gunpoint, threw them on the ground and cuffed them. I’m not sure if they took them away or if arrests were made, or if these guys were involved in the shootings.
    While this is “only” the second time there were gunshots, (I slept threw the first one, but my wife heard them) the noise as described above is fairly common.
    My questions are: why was there not a police presence after the first round of shots, to break up the crowd and maybe prevent the second round?
    Why don’t the police, who are about 5 minutes away, regularly pass by this place on weekends to keep people from hanging out in front, drinking in the streets and yelling? Are there drunk driving sweeps? What is the club doing about this? Does someone have to be hurt badly/killed before action is taken?

  3. missheather on Sat, 27th Sep 2008 9:59 pm
  4. superclam: The 94th Precinct conducts public meetings the third Monday of every month:


    I would strongly recommend you (and anyone else troubled by this incident) attend and bring up these points.

  5. superclam on Sun, 28th Sep 2008 8:31 am
  6. Yeah, it’s probably time I try to do something, rather than sit on my a$$ and post on blogs.

  7. ryansmith on Mon, 29th Sep 2008 3:09 pm
  8. I was in a cab coming home from Manhattan and noticed a large police presence and someone being pulled out of the club in a wheelchair. Looked like a bit of a chaotic scene – now I know why!

  9. suzyO on Mon, 29th Sep 2008 10:15 pm
  10. superclam, the 94th is long, and widely, known to allow certain sorts of activities to take place; grease the palm to sweeten the pot.

    nothing new under the sun.

  11. missheather on Mon, 29th Sep 2008 10:33 pm
  12. suzyO said it, not me. I’d still advise you to go to the public meeting.

    The police exist to protect and serve the public. This includes you. You (by virtue of your tax dollars) are their employer. Go to the meeting, say your piece and hold them accountable. Any club whose patrons engage in “gun play” should be shut down. Period.

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