Halloween Photos du Jour: 85 Calyer Street

October 14, 2008 by
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(or more than meets the eye)

Sunday evening the Mr. and I were walking down Calyer Street when we encountered this, a most frightening Halloween-feline-in training.

Intrigued, we went in for a closer look…

…and in so doing discovered a cache of seriously spooky goodness! I took a number of photographs but alas without the aid of a tripod they came out blurry. So at 5:00 p.m. yesterday I swung by this house for a second try.

Not only did I great some fun photographs (as you will see) but I met the man behind the woman behind this magnificent display of Halloween spirit. His name is Tony and he was whiling away the late afternoon by doing a little edge trimming and knocking back a brewski.

He was genuinely taken aback by my glee and gave me the scoop:

My wife does this every year. She just starts decorating, adding a little bit every night until she’s done. I never know what she is going to do.

The cobwebs are the latest addition. She added them this weekend. I really like the decapitated head gracing the top of the lamppost.

Abandon all hope ye who enter here!

This diminutive vampire graces their porch swing.

Protected by death.

I call this one “Specter with Siding”.

This work-in-progress really needs to be seen in person to truly be appreciated. I for one am making it a point to swing by on Halloween. That when Tony will dust off his special chainsaw (one with the chain removed from it) and fire it up “for the kids”. Hopefully he means “kids of all ages”. I really want to see Tony in action with his chainsaw!

Miss Heather


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  1. rowan on Tue, 14th Oct 2008 3:48 pm
  2. oh this is stunning. tony’s wife has one hell of an imagination. total props to her. (and to him for letting her have free rein)

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