Long Island City Photos Du Jour: The Borden Avenue Bridge is Back!

After reading the Newtown Pentacle’s account (via Queens Crap) that the Borden Avenue Bridge was open I had to see it for myself. And this I did. Take this shot of the Hunter’s Avenue Bridge for example.

Yeah, I am a dork. So much so I had planned my route in advance (I can assure you this is a very rare thing): take the G to Court Square and wander back to the Garden Spot using no less than three bridges. Not only did I succeed in this endeavor, but I damned near froze my ass off and enjoyed myself thoroughly!

As snowflakes were falling I took the above photograph and the workers took notice of me. I cannot blame them: a woman wearing pink pants, pink sneakers, pink scarf and eyeglasses will draw attention in these parts. We bantered.

Me: I learned from a friend of mine that this bridge was open so I had to see it for myself.
Leader: So you are taking pictures of it for your magazine?
Me: In a manner of speaking. I for one am delighted to see that someone has finally seen fit to take “Teddy’s” old place. Gold Fingers, no less.

(knowing laughter amongst the crew)

And now that the bridge is open they can drive to it!

I added.

Leader: It’ll be good for business.
Me: Indeed. I have a few friends who will be very interested in this establishment.

Then the leader proceeded to ask if I like pink. I answered to the affirmative and added that I was feeling festive. This passed muster. As I proceeded towards Pulaski Bridge (and Polish Paradise) , he admonished me:

That guy down there (his coworker directing  traffic) is crazy!

I paused for a moment, looked the leader in the eye and said (whilst pointing at the Shit Tits):

Dude, I live in Greenpoint. They’re all crazy over there.

And then his crew proceeded to let me pass. No. Questions. Asked. If anyone has the free time/wherewithal do swing by and talk to these chaps. They are a hoot!

Miss Heather


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  1. Vinny on Fri, 7th Jan 2011 8:41 am
  2. Thank God. The traffic around the area was unbearable!!

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