Long Island City Photos du Jour: 5Pointz Selections

This post goes out to my new friend (and art lover) who took the opportunity to strike up a conversation with yours truly as she was taking the above photographs. Our conversation started when he told me that he really liked this artwork and he had never been to 5Pointz before.

Miss Heather: There’s some really nice stuff to be found. Be sure to go around the corner.
Miss Heather’s New Friend: You go around taking pictures of this stuff?
M.H.: Yes.
M.H.N.F.: Why don’t you take my picture?
M.H.: Sure, why not?
M.H.N.F.: Do you have a boyfriend?
M.H.: No— it’s worse than that: I’m married.
M.H.N.F.: So your husband lets you go around taking pictures of men?
M.H.: Yes, I’m just going to do what I want anyway. I also take pictures of women. I let him look at those.

And with that he laughed and I went on my merry way!

Miss Heather


One Comment on Long Island City Photos du Jour: 5Pointz Selections

  1. setecq on Tue, 28th Jun 2011 1:03 am
  2. Miss Heather, did you happen to pause and photograph the little cats outside of Space Womb? Was this my brush with greatness?

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