Quicklink: Gropez For City Council?


For those of you who having been living under a rock or secreted away in a cave the last 24 hours, yesterday it was announced that Vito “Gropez” Lopez has assembled a campaign team for a run for the 34th District City Council seat. You can read Crain’s tome about this rather unsavory (but hardly surprising) development by clicking here. In any case, yours truly would like to:

  1. mention those of you who wish to do so can tender a donation to or volunteer for Antonio Reynoso’s campaign by clicking here.
  2. point out to those who may be in the dark as to which district he/she resides in can get up to speed by clicking here.
  3. propose that similar such flyers be made precluding (and this is just off the top of my head) liars, perjurers and thieves from this august body. If we are going to start establishing/enforcing standards let’s cull the herd in earnest.

Photo/Image Credits: The “Say No To Vito” poster comes courtesy of Lincoln Restler.

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