Bed Stuy Photos du Jour: United With Love Towing

As if this sight was not interesting enough (I mean, who does not want their automobile towed with amor) I spied something really cool around the corner.

Being the colossal dork that I am I honed in on the old school telephone number immediately: EVergreen 4 4880. My buddy Chris and I, being curious, later swung by 451 Lorimer Street to see what was there today. Guess what?

Salerno’s is still there…

and they still have the same phone number! Inasmuch as things have changed in north Brooklyn it is refreshing to see something that has stayed the same. Methinks I’ll print out a nice glossy photo of the above truck and give it to them. To be continued…?

Miss Heather

P.S.: Oh yeah, how can I not resist posting this photo of a rather winsome ham who wanted me to take his picture?

Nice smile!


‘Tis The Season: Kicking It Off With a Bang!

This time of year yours truly endeavors to spread a little holiday spirit by featuring some of the more interesting Christmas displays to be found in north Brooklyn. This year I got off to a late start. No worries, today I happened to walk by Salernos Service Station on Lorimer Street (as seen above).

Words pretty much fail me. The above photograph isn’t much better at conveying everything which is going on here. Thankfully, my camera has the ability to shoot video. Enjoy!

This really has to be seen in person to be truly appreciated. Why not swing by Salerno’s and see it for yourself! Tell ’em Miss Heather sent you!

Miss Heather

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