Reader Contribution Du Jour: LEADERSHIP

August 20, 2010 ·
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This item comes courtesy of my buddy Lost In Brooklyn in Greenwood Heights. He writes (in an email entitled “A Photo For Your Greenwood Heights/Sunset Park Tour”):

Something you may have seen on 4th Ave in the 30’s. A recent reno of the PS and their signage. See if you can figure out why Mic and were…stopped dead in our tracks.

I have serious issues with this image. For starters shouldn’t “Leadership” be located on the other end?

Miss Heather

Brooklyn Photo Du Jour: The Laundry Store

March 13, 2009 ·
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From 4th Avenue.

Miss Heather

Manhattan Photos Du Jour: I <3 The East Village

December 8, 2008 ·
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St. Mark’s Place

East 9th Street

East 11th Street

Union Square

Third Avenue

Miss Heather

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