A Greenpoint Blind Item: What’s Up At 85 Driggs Avenue?

February 19, 2009 ·
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piethumbnailA number of you who reside around McGolrick Park have probably noticed that business has not been as usual (if “usual” it ever was— it’s always been closed when I have walked by) down at Cup of Joes. This is because it isn’t: the space has been sublet to a new business.  More specifically one operated by a very talented baker, fellow Greenpointer and all-around very nice person (whose sumptuous product can be seen at left).

Anyone care to guess who it is?

The more impatient among you can get the reveal by clicking here. Or better yet— why not head down to 85 Driggs Avenue and see for yourself. Trust me: TASTING IS TRULY BELIEVING!

The Place Formerly known as Cup of Joe’s
85 Driggs Avenue
Brooklyn, New York 11222

Tell ’em Miss Heather sent you!

Miss Heather

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