Greenpoint Photos Du Jour: A Little Wildlife In The Garden Spot

July 20, 2009 ·
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Today was exactly as I wanted it to be: peaceful and even a little bit dull. That is until this evening when my buddy Laura tipped me off to the excitement unfolding in far north Greenpoint.



A raccoon took residence in a tree on Manhattan Avenue between Clay and Box Street.


Amusingly enough he (or she)  is hanging his hat across the street from the Greenpoint Hotel and the Marzili Hostel. Maybe they were booked tonight?


Or maybe they have a “no raccoons allowed policy”? This is a shame as he (or she) is pretty darned cute!



Miss Heather

Photo Credits: The second photo comes courtesy of Mister Heather.

Spotted: Greenpointer Actually Using New Park…

May 11, 2009 ·
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(or at least getting ready to!)


Christo (who took the above photograph) writes:

Sunday afternoon. Manhattan ave. Btwn Clay and Box. Heading toward the park/boat launch. I couldn’t stick around to see if they made it.

Speaking for myself I would want a LOT more boat between me and Newtown Creek than this. But as long as I’m not the one making the trip to Woodhull I say to each their own.

Miss Heather

Life In Dangertown

December 2, 2008 ·
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On Thanksgiving Day of this year I wrote:

What constituted “Dangertown” here in 11222, you ask? I’m saving that for an extra juicy post!

Well, that time has come.

Although the above image did not accompany the following article from the July 18, 1886 edition of the Brooklyn Daily Eagle I felt it illustrated perfectly the grinding poverty that was once commonplace in the fair burgh we call home. Believe it or not this see-saw was considered plush by contemporary accounts. Greenpoint at the turn of the century was rife with crime, filth and gangs with colorful noms de guerre such as the “Dangertown Slobs”, “Jolly Four”, “Sons of Rest” and the “Undertakers”. The latter most moniker is my personal favorite, as the members purportedly called themselves as such because they completed everything they undertook —but make no mistake about it: the young Republican’s Glee Club these gentlemen most decidedly were NOT.

Two things haven’t changed over the last 124 years in Greenpoint; the watering holes are still quite plentiful and there’s plenty of hideous architecture to go around.* You can read the rest of this article about “Dangertown” (and its numerous shenanigans) by clicking here.

Miss Heather

*Karl Fischer

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