Quicklink: An Open Letter to the Community Newspaper Group

February 4, 2011 ·
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This item has been brought to my attention by my buddy down at BK Southie. He writes:


The below story is posting on my site at 7am on Friday. But I know you both love a good blogger-hearts-the-newspaper-that-copies-from-him story, so I’m sending you the early edition.

Follows is the introducttion/a teaser:

Dear Community Newspaper Group,

Thank you for reading.

I genuinely mean that. I’m not bitter at all about the story and feature ideas you’ve taken from this site without credit. In fact, I really think that it’s fantastic that a mere amateur writer such as myself can make such a meaningful contribution to a cog in the News Corp engine…

Yes dear readers, it would appear my friend down south has had the pleasure of being poached. Repeatedly. Do take a moment to give his tome a read. It’s a hoot!

Miss Heather

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