Urban Fur: Eden Under The L.I.E.

As I noted yesterday I took a sojourn around Dutch Kills. My buddy at Newtown Pentacle had this to say:

Ain’t it grand?

Well, its own in a way, it is. Usually one thinks of this industrial part of our fair city as being totally bereft of nature. This is not true. There is flora and fauna to be found there— provided one knows where to look. I happened upon the above-depicted gaggle of geese ducks while crossing the Hunters Point Avenue Bridge. Further along the 51st Avenue I happened upon a couple of gardens in the least expected of places. Gardens whose groundskeepers seem to be of the feline variety. Enjoy!

Found On Vernon Avenue: “Piggy”

May 26, 2010 ·
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When I spied this critter while walking down Vernon Avenue recently I did a double-take. As I learned from the gentlemen hanging out at this community garden this is not at all an uncommon occurrence.

A lot of new people like you who are moving into the neighborhood are fooled by her at first.

Moses (the gentleman at right) said and then he told me I was welcome to come by and hang out at his garden whenever I felt like it. I thanked him for his gracious offer and inquired as to his sow’s name. “Piggy” was his reply.

I mulled this over for a moment and made a recommendation:

Perhaps you should put on a sign on the fence saying “WARNING: Premises patrolled by an attack pig”. Moses and his companion (who I learned was once my neighbor, he lived at Box Street and Manhattan Avenue eight years ago) gave this matter some thought and agreed that this might be worth pursuing.

I have promised Moses to bring a portrait of Piggy to him the next time I am in the neighborhood. If you happen to be around 119 Vernon Avenue why now say hi to Piggy, Moses and his pals? They’re really nice guys.

Miss Heather

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