Spotted On Leonard Street: Haab

Yesterday yours truly went on not one, but two walks. Why, you ask? Because I simply could not decide between going to Long Island City and knocking around one of my favorite streets: Grand. To this end I hustled out to Long Island City, looped back to Greenpoint for a quick restroom break and a glass of water and back out I went. It was at the intersection of Leonard Street and Grand Street that I spied with my Mexican food maven eye what you see above: Haab. Needless to say I entered this establishment without delay. I asked the very nice waitress and cook staff how long they have been open for business. The lattermost replied: “since Friday”. While the menu (which said waitress gave me— they do not have a take out menu— yet?) is hardly vegetarian friendly there are a few items to be had. And try them I will. If the staff I encountered today is in any way indicative of the quality of the food, methinks I am in for a real treat!

The Haab
202 Leonard Street
Brooklyn, New York 11211

(718) 388 – 4261
(718) 388 – 4249

Miss Heather

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