Great Moments In Entrepreneurialism: Refer A Friend At Hoyt-Schermerorn!

October 4, 2009 ·
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Today the Mister and I concluded his parent’s visit to our fair city with a sojourn to Atlantic Antic. To this end we took the almighty Crosstown Local to Hoyt Schermerhorn. Immediately upon exiting the station we stumbled upon this.


Mister Heather, being the detail-oriented person is, explained the vagaries New York State’s divorce law for my in law’s edification. Among them:

  1. It is a joint property state, e.g.; all assets will be divided equally. My net worth is zero. This makes for an easy division: zero divided by 2 equals zero.
  2. I will be entitled to alimony.

Amy Vanderbilt might disagree with me on this one but: I suspect the Mister extolling upon how one gets divorced in New York…

  1. blocks away from where we were married
  2. during a family outing

might constitute a breach of etiquette. Or, in my laywoman’s opinion, a colossal party foul. This is not to suggest I didn’t find it amusing: I did. This is in large part why I married the Mister in the first place!*

The previous having been written:

  1. On the one hand: there is a part of me which is thoroughly revolted by this advertisement.
  2. On the other: I really want to see this campaign taken to its logical conclusion. Frequent customer punch cards a la Starbucks.

Miss Heather

*And, well, health insurance.

P.S.: This post goes out to Ma and Pa-in-law. I really enjoyed your visit!

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