Real Estate Rhetoric Explained: One Hunters Point

May 31, 2009 ·
Filed under: Long Island City, Queens 

likearocketI have long wrestled with exactly what the fuck the advertising wizard were getting at with this advertising campaign (as shown to the left).

Commute like a rocket

might seem pretty snappy on paper, but in reality it sounds kind of stupid. I suppose they’re were trying to get at how fast one can get into Manhattan from this location. Or are they? Being from a particular generation whose memories of space travel are less than cheerful I have my doubts.

On that note I am pleased to announce that I walked by One Hunter’s Point yesterday evening. And I think I have finally found the answer.


Meet the on-site sales office for One Hunter’s Point.


Now meet the rather unconventional sales tool located across the street.


I wonder if a defective O ring was to blame?




Miss Heather

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