Greenpoint Restaurant Watch: What’s Up At 159 Greenpoint Avenue

July 17, 2009 ·
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The Internet Garage has long since left us, but there is plenty of activity at its old space nowadays. Curious to see what’s up I knocked around the Department of Buildings web site. Here’s what I found.


Yes, it would appear that we are getting another restaurant. In addition they applied for a liquor license last month. I have little doubt this will make for interesting bedfellows given that one of our ‘nabe’s more rowdy establishments, Club Exit, is located only steps away. But I digress.

What I want to know is what kind of foodstuffs this establishment will be serving. This remains unclear— but what I dug up here is both encouraging and discouraging.


I understand there are a great many cuisines which employ rice. But if this establishment proves to be another sushi joint, Thai restaurant, Chinese restaurant (unless it is Szechuan and very, VERY good) or (god forbid) a “pan-Asian” place my head (or more accurately: my stomach) is going to explode. And not in a good way.

Google search for “Asian food 11222”:


Google search for “Japanese food 11222”:


Google search for “Chinese food 11222”:


Google search for “Thai food 11222”:


Lest all the previous (gleaned from Google) has not already made it clear: this neighborhood has too much Asian fare. And gastronomically speaking most of it is downright awful. I suppose 159 Greenpoint Avenue might become an Indian restaurant— which would at least lend some diverse (and vegetarian friendly) fare to the slim pickings hereabouts.

But I’m not holding my breath.

Miss Heather

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