Greenpoint Restaurant Watch: 946 Manhattan Avenue

April 26, 2009 ·
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Remember that most curious conversion I told you about last month? You know, the space that was formerly a bookstore but whose Certificate of Occupancy stated it was a funeral parlor? Well today the sign finally went up. And I have some very good news on the “culinary diversity” front!


Your eyes are not deceiving you. This eating and drinking establishment will be serving fare previously unavailable in my corner of Greenpoint.


Per the really friendly guys who erected the sign “La Taverna” will be serving “Mediterranean food”. When I queried them as to whether it would be Greek, Turkish, etc. they confessed that they did not know. Nonetheless I told them this was most welcome news because our community has too many Thai restaurants already. As you can see in the above photograph, they found this piquant observation quite amusing.

La Taverna
946 Manhattan Avenue
Brooklyn, New York 11222

I got no word as to when this establishment will be opening its doors. However, I took a quick peek inside and the interior appears to be very close to completion. The tables, chairs, light fixtures— you name it— were all in place and the only thing I could see lacking were the customers. In other words I am going to prognosticate that La Taverna will be gracing the Garden Spot sooner rather than later!

Miss Heather

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