Urban Fur: Teddy & Roxie

This weekend yours truly endeavored to enjoy our fair city’s brief interlude of hospitable weather. It was on Graham Avenue that I made the acquaintance of two of north Brooklyn’s most fetching— and pampered pooches: Teddy and Roxie.  Follows is a slide show which showcases their fabulousness— including Teddy’s “ride”. Enjoy!

One chap attempted to pet Teddy after he had been placed in the above “wheels”. This act of kindness was met with a growl and a snap. As his person, “Nellie”, explained:

Once he is in the carrier, forget it.

Clearly Teddy had had his fill of being in the limelight and needed to be alone!

Miss Heather

P.S.: Special thanks go out to Teddy and Roxie’s “people” for the great conversation and assistance with this photo shoot. Behind every great dog is a great person!

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