Quick Links: Village Voice & Larry Da Junkman

November 7, 2013 ·
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Every so often I am reminded that I know some pretty darned interesting people. This morning (when this tome from the Village Voice was brought to my attention) is just such an example. I clicked on the link and sipped my coffee. After it pulled up I found myself muttering:

I know that guy in the gorilla suit.

It’s true. I do. What’s more I have to say I am really jazzed by the thoughtful commentary Larry tenders in both the previously-mentioned article and this Op-ED which can be found on his blog. Follow is a teaser from the latter:

…The issue here was always a bigger picture of a changing City and country. The idea of a flea market being a corporation is embarrassing. A flea market is a community of various people coming together and realizing that they could be an outdoor store of used items; some are junk, some are collectible, and some are antiques. Some junk turns out to be a rare antique, and some antiques turn out to be reproductions. Some people are selling off their dead dad’s pipes, and some people are selling their dead fishes, (not needed anymore) fish tank. It is hard to believe that it is packaged as something to be marketed and trademarked. It’s embarrassing laughable, not for Brooklyn Flea, but for customers who believe the preciousness of it all…

Give ’em a read!

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