A Very Special Stimulus Package

May 9, 2009 ·
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Last night I finally got around to having dinner with my good friend Chin. Once we got done with catching up she brought a very special discovery to my attention. And although it really has nothing to do with the usual content of this blog I am going to share it with you anyway. One day she wondered to herself if anyone had seen fit to make a Real Doll that looks like Six from Battlestar Galactica. For those of you who are not in the know, Real Dolls are a very high end and (as the name indicates) realistic looking , a-hem, sexual partners whose cost run into four figures. To make a long story short she discovered these tough times have impacted the mail-order companionship business so the folks at Real Doll have rolled out a very special stimulus package of their own.


Not only do these bad boys (or would that be girls?) come with free shipping but they’re entirely made in the good ol’  U.S. of A.! Now there’s a bail-out package we can all really get behind.

Figuratively speaking.

Miss Heather

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