East Williamsburg Street Art Du Jour: Marilyn

August 29, 2009 ·
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From Seigel Street.

Miss Heather

East Williamsburg Photo Du Jour: Cell Phone Booth

April 2, 2009 ·
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From Seigel Street.

Miss Heather

The East Williamsburg Economic Stimulus Plan

February 12, 2009 ·
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Those of you who have the pleasure of whiling away your time reading my blog probably have jobs (or at least good severance packages and Internet access). Regardless of your employment status, dear readers, chances are your 401K (if you even have one) is shot to shit. My shit got shot a long time ago. I operate under the presumption that I’ll be working until the day I die. Or rendered into Soylent Green. Whichever comes first.


That is until this tree from Seigel Street entered my life.


A group of gentleman found my interest in this tree (and the numerous tags attached to it) interesting. I, in turn, found them interesting so I asked:

What’s up with this tree?

They replied in unison:

It’s the money tree.

Not caring to futz around with economic esotericism and abstract rhetoric (that’s the stuff that got us— U.S.—in this bind in the first place ) I asked:

If you get a lot of money from this tree can I have some?

The Seigel Street Cadre:


Maybe money really does grow on trees? In any case I’ll be walking around Seigel Street more often.

Miss Heather

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