SCADGate: Post Script

May 14, 2009 ·
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scadthumbThe last twenty four hours I have been plagued with what either has to be a cold or one of the nastiest allergy attacks I have experienced in recent years. (We’re talking the variety where you feel like your entire head is going to explode.) Needless to say I have not been in the most chipper mood. That is, until I received the following email from the Ombudsman of the Savannah College of Art & Design, our good friend Trey. He writes:


I have seen the latest posting about the Lumet award. It was nice to have a hand in this cooperative effort to return Mr. Lumet’s award. The missing piece is now an address where we can send you some “SCAD booty” as it was noted in the article.

We greatly appreciate the efforts of you and Rebecca in this strange endeavor.

Thanks again

If the thought of free swag was not enough to perk me up I also received word from Rebecca11222 that this rather bizarre series of events has been memorialized for all posterity by having a song written about it. But it’s a lot more than that, as you will see.

Fuck Cats. I’d like to see Andrew Lloyd Webber top this!

Miss Heather

SCADGate: The Conclusion

May 13, 2009 ·
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scadthumbThis morning I was reminded that all good things— even a curious case of a lifetime achievement award in inexplicably found in traffic triangle in Greenpoint— must come to end. Rebecca11222 writes:

Well, a pall hangs over the apartment today: the SCAD Lifetime Achievement Award has been returned to it’s rightful owner: Sidney Lumet’s publicist.

The kind people at SCAD and the Savannah Film Festival arranged for postage and packing materials. I just wrapped it & then dropped it off at FedEx.

I received some awesome SCAD booty (travel cup & tee-shirt) for my trouble. AND an offer from the director of the SFF to host me in Savannah should I like to visit.  But the apartment feels empty, somehow.

See attached for photo of Sanford with the travel cup.


I suspect I speak for everyone (except perhaps Sanford, who appears to be less than impressed with the reward reaped by his owner’s good deed) to learn this story has a happy ending. If that award could talk I imagine it would have an interesting tale to tell. But alas, it is keeping its silence and we will have to be content with the whiff of serendipity it brought our lives. Bon voyage, prodigal lifetime achievement award! I hope you enjoyed your stay in the Garden Spot of the Universe.

Miss Heather

Sidney Lumet Watch: Lifetime Achievement Follow-up

April 11, 2009 ·
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scadthumbSome of you might remember that last month my good friend Rebecca11222 found a Lifetime Achievement Award (as seen at left) issued to none other than Sidney “Serpico” Lumet from the Savannah College of Art & Design in a patch of Greenpoint shrubbery. If you haven’t you can read about it here, here and here. Well, Mr. Lumet hasn’t stepped forward to claim it yet (and as a result this item currently calls a skeleton wearing a lei as a neighbor) but this most unusual turn of events has not gone unnoticed by a reporter for SCAD’s student newspaper, District. Tandy Versyp writes:

…Rebecca Poole, a stage actor and teacher of the Alexander Technique, was walking her dog, a shih tzu named Fred Sanford in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Greenpoint when she noticed the award hidden in a row of bushes next to the sidewalk.

Just rescued my dog from a junkyard that’s where he got his name, Poole laughed. So I watch everything he does when I take him out. He was sniffing something at this three-point intersection and was about to pee on it, when I saw it. My first thought was, “What the hell?”…

What the hell, indeed. To read the rest of this article click here. Do give it a read. It is tremendously entertaining.

Miss Heather

Found In Greenpoint: Lifetime Achievement Award

March 24, 2009 ·
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Rebecca11222 (who contributed the following bit of Greenpoint goodness) writes (in an email entitled Found in the shrubbery at the triangle intersection of Calyer, Banker, Franklin):



If you are reading out there, Sidney 12 Angry Men /Serpico* Lumet**, Rebecca11222 has retrieved your Lifetime Achievement Award from the Savannah College of Art and Design (and a certain fate of being pissed, vomited and shat upon by creatures two, three and four legged alike***— there’s no accounting for taste in this town). It resides in the cozy comfort in her apartment and she will be more than happy to return it to you. Totally free of cost.

Sidney Lumet, STAND UP PLEASE.

Miss Heather

*Who some may recall was sent to the North Brooklyn Narcotics Unit and shot in the head at this apartment building on the Southside.

**And Dog Day Afternoon! ATTICA! ATTICA!

***Or used to prop up a window air conditioning unit.

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