From The Gullibility Files: Student Habitats

June 8, 2009 ·
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As a general rule I eschew posting ridiculous apartment advertisements. My reasoning for this practice is very simple: an entire blog could be premised on the subject and, well, New York Shitty is not that blog. However, once in a blue moon I will find something so ludicrous even I have to give pause. Which brings me to Student Habitats on Metropolitan Avenue (as seen in the above photograph) and the following advertisement gracing their storefront:


When someone says “East Williamsburg” I usually think of the Graham Avenue stop of the L. If pushed I’ll even grudgingly concede the Grand Street, Montrose Avenue and Morgan Avenue stops as being located in “East Williamsburg”. But Stanhope Street and Wyckoff Avenue?!?


That’s kind of pushing the envelope if you know what I mean.

Miss Heather

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