Urban Artifact, Part II: Stockholm Street

July 22, 2014 ·
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Stockholm Street 1


Taken July 20, 2014.

Urban Artifact: Stockholm Street

June 22, 2013 ·
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Today the Mister and I sojourned to visit a friend of ours in Ridegwood. As it would happen, said friend’s birthday is tomorrow and she has a slew of kittens up for adoption. We brought a treat and she treated us to some kitten time. A more than fair exchange if you ask me. But we’ll get into the latter later.* Anyhoo, as we were walking to this person’s home we encountered this:


Naturally I had to look at it.


A script. The Mister told me to put it back. I flat-out refused. First off: it was abandoned. Secondly: the content speaks for itself. Lastly: as a creative soul cum urban anthropologist I find it fascinating. When I arrived back at Chez Shitty and further examined my find, it got even more interesting…


The author of this endeavor appears to be a young man named Derrick. He has enlisted a few lady friends to make this vignette happen. I envision a future Joe Francis or perhaps even a Russ Meyer in the making!

*Kittens: of a litter of no less than nine lives, seven are left.


They’re really cute too. Two have bobtails!

Any/all who are interested in meeting these ladies and gentleman (who are around 9 weeks old) should contact their keeper/caretaker via email at:┬ánutrichris (at) rcn (dot) com. Tell ’em Heather sent you.

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