Urban Fur: Henpecked!

March 10, 2012 ·
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I see a number of amazing things while knocking around our fair city— but a cat guarding a hen house? That’s a new one for me!

It was explained to me by the very nice volunteer at this endeavor, Bushwick City Farm, that this friendly feline’s name is Little Grey Cat. She was given this moniker by the local children.

Photographing chickens is difficult. They are not terribly keen on the idea of posing for the camera. But  they are quite keen on pecking them— which is what this sassy gal did shortly after taking the above photo.

An prodigal sock, however, is another matter altogether. This item caused quite stir. So much so its founder (as seen above having this trophy removed from her beak) was pursued by her enviously feathered friends. Conclusion: chickens do not like cameras— but they do fancy footwear!

Meanwhile, this goose calmly observed this hilarity from her coop.

Ever seen a guinea hen? Well now you have seen two of them!

And Little Grey Cat presides over it all! You can learn more about Buchwick City Farm and the amazing project they have in the works on nearby Stockton Street by clicking here.

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