A Very Special New York Shitty Public Service Announcement

March 8, 2009 ·
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Chances are if you are reading this certain words in the English language do not bother you.


Like the word “shitty” for example. In the lexicon of profanity this is, in my humble opinion, (and I have a rather extensive mastery of foul language— Pa Heather saw to that— albeit unintentionally) pretty mild. I mean, it’s not nearly of the caliber of, say, motherfucker, cocksucker or cunt. Compared to the previous bad boys this six letter bit of scatological onomatopoeaic joy is downright cute. However, there are others who would differ with this assessment. Namely web nannies and certain members of the journalism community. While a number of the latter have no moral qualms about using content gleaned from a blog with “shitty” in its name (which constitutes plagiarism, a big no-no) it has been my observation they get a bit squeamish about the word itself. “We can’t print that” they say. Well, after some thought I have come up with a solution:


a mirror site using a less objectionable url: www.thatgreenpointblog.com.

Problem solved!

Miss Heather

P.S.: Special thanks go out to Blognigger for giving me the inspiration to do this. You deserve total props, dude! 😉

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