Magic Johnson’s Latest Victim?

May 9, 2007 by
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Remember Larry Schwab, the manager of 131 Huron Street? Well, he has a court date next week to explain why 110 Green should not be granted access to his property. Well, he just got one damned good reason today. Per the FDNY, Magic’s minions probably destabilized one his fucking apartment buildings. I say apartment “buildings” because there is a garage apartment located at the far northeastern corner of this lot.

131 Huron

Here’s 131 Huron.

Magic’s site on Huron Street

Here is the adjacent property, owned by 110 Green.

Firemen inspecting 110 Green Street site

Here are some firemen inspecting 110 Green.

FDNY by the bath house

Here are some fire trucks.

NYPD and Pile driver

Even the NYPD has joined the party.

Way to go, Magic! You’re really helping Brooklyn blossom. If “blossom” means yet another piece of much needed rental property has to be vacated because yet another careless developer fucked it up, that is. I am certain the tenant(s) at 131 Huron (who may very well become homeless because of your actions) will mention you in their prayers.

I swear to god, if this doesn’t make the Department of Buildings WAKE THE FUCK UP, nothing will.

Miss Heather

UPDATE: I have contacted Larry Schwab to get the full scoop about what happened and am awaiting his reply.


One Comment on Magic Johnson’s Latest Victim?

  1. jukeboxgraduate on Wed, 9th May 2007 1:40 pm
  2. no one cares about North Greenpoint. C’mon. Teachers, families (Hispanic families) and art students live in North Greenpoint.

    I’m being sarcastic.

    If a crane can hit a building in Northside Williamsburg and nothing happens, no one will really care about Greenpoint.

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