Belvedere Rising

August 4, 2007 by
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I am awake at 7:00 a.m. On a Saturday.

The cats are fighting. Well, at least four of them are. The fifth one is sick.

The husband is milling about. He is already asking me why I am up so early. Soon he will want a cup of coffee. When he gets his cup of joe he will remember that I drank the last of the milk last night. A tantrum will most certainly follow.

I cannot think of a better way to express the Chateau de Ghetto love I am experiencing right now than to share with you a brand-spanking new Belvedere!

A New Belvedere!

Or at least the site where it is going up: 218 Eckford Street.

Power Cables

As you can see, it is located right next door to a fellow Belvedere. I think this one is XII. Even I have trouble telling them apart sometimes. This is because there are (seemingly) a gazillion of them and they all LOOK FUCKING ALIKE! Sort of like Children of the Damned.

Belvedere Doorway

Here is a hallmark of what I like to call The Belvedere Style: a double door entrance awaiting a pretentious— yet cheap-looking— lintel bearing some arbitrarily determined set of Roman numerals. I wonder if the this one will be “XXX”? I can only hope so. If it is, I’ll be sure to celebrate by swilling down some delicious Belvedere Vodka.

Belvedere Vodka

What will those crazy folks over at Bridge Realty think of next? I for one would like to see Belvedere: The Musical.

Miss Heather


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