271 Nassau Avenue Redux

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Some of you might remember a reader of mine, Rebecca11222, complained about some after-hours construction activity at the above mentioned address last month.

September 19, 2007 she wrote:

Since 9:30 p.m. a cement mixer & a pump truck have been operating 3 houses away from me. Condo going up at 271 Nassau Ave (at Sutton St). Lights in my window & noise of a FUCKING CEMENT TRUCK. It’s now almost 11pm. I called 311 & reported the perps to both DOB & DEP. No variance posted, of course. We all know what good will come of my report. Motherfuckers.

This is all.

The Department of Buildings “Emergency Response Team” didn’t find anything amiss. The next day.

271 Nassau Avenue

Three days later, September 23, I decided to take a gander at 271 Nassau Avenue up close and personal.

Quality Contracting

Quality Contracting was in effect.

Quality Fencing

Quality fencing was not.

271 Nassau Avenue 9/23/07

Shouldn’t these chaps let the cement they (illegally) laid cure before lopping a bunch of stories on top of it?

271 Nassau Worker

This man should be wearing a hard hat. Isn’t that the law or am I just being a mensch?

In any case, the mensches at the D.E.P. saw fit to see how Rebecca11222 was faring October 10, 2007. Three weeks later. After moving to another apartment. At 10:30 p.m.:

I got a call from DEP last night at 10:30pm, wanting to know if the issue at 271 Nassau that I reported 2 (?) weeks ago had been resolved.


The operator then advised me to call the cops next time as it takes the DEP “a few days” to respond to complaints.

Resolved: the complainant has moved and the perpetrator is well on his way to completing his four story, eight unit piece of shit. With illegally poured cement.

For those of you who have the misfortune of experiencing illegal after hours construction, the phone number for the 94th Precinct is (718) 383-3879. If they ask you why you’re bitching to them about a cement mixer rumbling at some god awful hour of the night, tell them the D.E.P. sent you.

Miss Heather


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