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I recently thanked my buddy over at Greenpointers for writing a post about Greenpoint’s very own naked guy. I wrote:

Loved your naked man post, btw. Why does he being a Greenpoint resident NOT surprise me?

I do not read the New York Post on a regular basis so this choice morsel of Greenpoint glory probably would have gone unnoticed by yours truly. It should be noted, however, that I have not gone unnoticed by the Greenpoint naked guy. Greenpointers pointed this out to me via an email entitled “Naked Guy Reads”. It read:

This too does not surprise me. Very few things have the power shock or amaze me anymore. Living in Greenpoint has raised the bar. Every neighborhood has a reputation. Park Slope has its stroller moms. Boerum Hill appears to be turning into Watts. And Greenpoint has, well, Greenpointers. Which brings me to the following question:

Does living in Greenpoint gradually make one “off” or does this neighborhood simply attract odd people?

After trolling the newspaper archives of the New York Times I have concluded the answer is both. Let’s take this article from the January 2, 1980 edition of the New York Times, for example:

Tree Climber

The above is a stunning example of “Greenpoint magic” at its very finest. How climbing the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center makes light of the Iran hostage crisis is beyond me. I am certain if I live here long enough it will eventually make sense. I can only hope so, anyway. Perhaps then I will cease to be a “poser“?

But let us make no mistake about it: Greenpoint has also attracted its fair share of special people over the years. Some will even hazard swimming across the East River to get here. Like the chap in this article from the April 6, 1935 edition of the New York Times:

No Ferry Service

Clearly this man is protesting Greenpoint’s lack of ferry service. I for one have no issue with Greenpoint’s dearth of public transportation options; if one is not willing to swim in the East River or shimmy up a water tower, he (or she) is not worthy of living in the Garden Spot. Plain and simple.

Miss Heather


One Comment on Greenpoint is a Very Special Place

  1. marie on Wed, 17th Oct 2007 4:39 pm
  2. Great post. Boerum Hill and Watts very funny – I saw the car: musta been a mad mad MAD girlfriend… I’m in Cobble Hilll – total Park Slope rival in the stroller stakes, but ground zero for total tolerance of toddler tantrums. Ugh. I avert my eyes and think of cold vodka..

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