Mr. Heather Gets His First Piece of Fan Mail!

November 10, 2007 by
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New York Shitty reader Victoria writes:

…A belated Happy Anniversary to you and Mr. Heather. I’ll always appreciate how he gave Baby Wipes to me and all the other women when we exited the McCarren Park ladies room. That fella’s got real Boy Scout values!

Thank you Victoria. You might be interested to know that Mr. Heather was once a Boy scout. However, it should be noted I gave him orders to dispense said wipes (during a break at Forgotten-NY Tour 30) because my previous (and copious) research suggested said privy would be hygienically “inadequate”.

Then again, Mr. Heather received orders and actually bothered to follow them. This is a rarity, so perhaps he does deserve a moment of recognition?

There, he just had it.

Mr. Heather has a number of talents. Information technology is one of them. Handing out baby wipes is another. Making our living room smell like ass while making our bedroom smell like dirty feet* is his current avocation.

He is a true Renaissance man.

Miss Heather

*I know it’s him. I never emit foul odors. My farts smell like angel’s breath.


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